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About gategroup

Enhancing the passenger experience

gategroup is the leading global airline catering, retail onboard and equipment solutions provider with the largest global network in the aviation industry. We serve more than 300 customers and more than 500 million passengers every year, from our 200 units across 60 countries.

Who we are
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What we deliver

Delivering operational excellence

Food and drink, retail and equipment, logistics and lounges; we deliver innovative solutions for all airline types. We work closely with our customers to discover points of differentiation and to co-design a full-service solution that takes their passenger offering to the next level.

What we deliver
Eating food inside a plane
How we innovate

Redefining the passenger experience

Our customers can rely on us to stay at the forefront of the latest industry trends. We have teams dedicated to bringing innovations and insights to life using in-depth business intelligence to anticipate the needs of passengers, both now and in the future.

How we innovate

Latest stories

See your career take off at gategroup

We value our people and want them to build a career with us. Our success relies on our diverse and high-performing teams delivering world class service across the globe.

Join us!

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